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The Doctorate in Economics with a focus on research, aims to bring the scientific exercise of the area  of social and economic sciences through theoretical-methodological tools to the research.The program has compulsory subjects, topics that the student chooses, tutorial courses. The compulsory subjects are: Economics, Advanced Economics and Research seminars I,II,III and IV. The tutorial courses offered are: Econometrics, Agricultural Economics, Mathematical Economics, Regional Economics, Higher Education Economics, Financial Economics and Business Policy. The credits of the courses of selected topics are covered by selecting subjects such as small and medium Enterprise Economics, Theory of industrial Organization, management economics, Labor Economics and Methodology of  Economic science.

The PhD program in Economic Sciences is recognised in the National Register of Quality Postgraduate Studies (PNPC), at the level of international competition, at the level of international competition. Which places it in a small list of programs in the country that have this distinction.

Likewise, there is infrastructure and academic staff that ensure a quality program in a cross border  and regional context. Over the years it has been possible to consolidate a highly competitive basic academic nucleus that conducts frontier research on issues  of human capital  and business development, agri-food development and on aspects of regional  and border development. 100% of its professors are part of the national  system  of research  and of them 67% in levels II and III, which has been possible thanks to a strong dynamic  of collegatie  work that  has  allowed  a wide scientific production in international journals and national, books  in addition to collaboration with other research  groups in the country and the world. This experience is made available to the students of the program  through the direction of thesis  or participation in research projects, the commitment  of both teachers and students has allowed to sustain a high rate of terminal efficiency of more that 90%  and in  the last three generations 100%.


  • Train professor and investigator specialist in economic analysis, of the
  • Encourage the students to create scientific research high-quality on theoretical aspects and practical in regional economic development.
  • Establish a steady and flexible academic collaboration network, between academic field that investigate regional development in the context of the global economy. 


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